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Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom, our store has been heavily effected. We are currently running a one man operation in the warehouse at all times to ensure safety procedures are being followed at all times.

The Tavistock warehouse is open from 9am-2pm Monday to Friday for all of your needs. To keep things running smoothly, if possible, please email the store to keep our phone lines free for essential workers. However, if your enquiry is urgent, please don't hesitate to call.

We can have your order ready after emailing/calling for you to pick up and pay. This means minimal contact is had between staff and customers. We currently only accept contactless card payments or BACS transfer to minimise risk.

Only one person in the store at a time, please wait outside for the sales area to clear. Upon entering, please do not wear gloves and use the hand gel provided.

If you are showing any of the signs the Government are advising, please refrain from visiting the store in person.

We thank you for your continued support during these uncertain times.

#staysafe #stayhome

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