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  • 0-150W / VA LED
  • Flicker-free & silent
  • Not limited to 10 lamps
  • Zano smart settings
  • Learns and adapts
  • Easy to install



The answer to LED dimming. The advanced ZGRIDLED family is the most compatible range available; it’s easy to install and provides the best user experience. Easy-fit installation features include increased terminal size, a larger control knob and a smaller, streamlined module.

A range of 9 grid adapters will now be available in each pack, including the Euro and the new Schneider Lisse White adapters. Both ZGRIDLED versions come with a white plastic knob as standard, and also fit a standard size control knob for custom finishing. Brand new “Learn and Adapt” technology allows all of our ZGRIDLED dimmers to learn the circuit’s load and adapt accordingly, supporting an even greater number of lamps per circuit than before. The ZGRIDLED family now has the widest dimming range on the market.

As with all of our Zano LED dimmers, built-in digital technology also ensures silent dimming without affecting your WiFi, unlike triac dimmers. They also enable flicker-free and silent dimming on quality LED lamps and incorporate Zano’s problem solving smart setting