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HCFT/4-250mm Plate Fan with Plastic Blades

HCFT/4-250mm Plate Fan with Plastic Blades

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S&P Solar & Polau 250mm Plate fan with (safe) plastic blades

The HCFT/4-250 H axial wall fan is designed for wall mounting. The fan is suitable for HVAC and industrial applications, where low noise and high air flow rate are required. The HCFT axial wall fan can be installed in horizontal or vertical position. The speed control (HCFT) is performed by using frequency converters. The fan is designed to extract air outwards - The air flows from the motor towards the impeller.

HOUSING The fan housing is made of sheet steel painted black, mounting brackets and screws are galvanically plated.
IMPELLER The fan impeller is made of thermoplastic with glass fibers and has a blade angle of 32° or 34° as standard. The impeller is statically and dynamically balanced.
MOTOR The asynchronous motor with a stator equipped with cooling fins and provided with black lacquer. It is equipped with greased-for-life ball bearings and and with thermal winding protection. Operating temperature from -40 °C to +70 °C. Insulation class F, IP65 rating.
SPEED CONTROL The speed is controlled using frequency converters.
TERMINAL BLOCK The terminal block is located on the fan motor and is made of black plastic.

The noise emitted by the fan is given in the tables, the measurement is made at a distance equal to three times the impeller diameter (minimum 1.5 m) on the suction side.

INSTALLATION The fan can be mounted in any position of the motor axis. The housing must not transmit mechanical stresses from the building structure.
DIRECTION OF ROTATION The direction of rotation can be changed. With a standard impeller, the flow rate drops by approx. 30% at the opposite direction of rotation. For the wall-mounted versions, the air standardly flows from the motor towards the impeller.

Speed [min-1] 1365
Air Flow Volume [m3/h] 1110
Duct diameter [mm] 250
Voltage 400V
Power [W] 73
Current [A] 0.2
Max. temperature [°C] 70
Protection IP IP65
Noise [dB(A)] 49
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