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ML Accessories

Knightsbridge CU2161 Curved Edge 1 Gang LED Dimmer

Knightsbridge CU2161 Curved Edge 1 Gang LED Dimmer

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  • 1G 2-Way
  • 40-400W For incandescent lamps
  • 3-100W For LED lamps
  • Push on/off
  • Leading edge dimmer

ML Accessories present their curved range of wiring accessories with a gently contoured plate which will suit any modern living environment. The sockets and switches have a 7mm plate so they aren't protruding once installed and leave a lovely finish. Supplied with screw caps to blend in with the socket they are also manufactured to the latest British standards.

This range of switches and sockets also have anti-microbial properties to ensure they are always safe to the touch.

Curved Edge 1G 40-400W Dimmer

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