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Linian 1LCR682 FireClip™ Double 6-8mm (CC4x2) - Red

Linian 1LCR682 FireClip™ Double 6-8mm (CC4x2) - Red

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  • Red finish
  • Pack of 100
  • Recommended spacing of 300mm
  • Size for cables with overall diameter of 6mm to 8mm
  • Cleat size 4 x 2
  • Fire resistant to >1200°C
  • Made in Britain

Equip yourself with an extraordinary upgrade in cable clip design that delivers major benefits in efficiency, safety and value for money. The LINIAN FireClip™ is a single-component, 18th Edition-compliant, fire-rated fixing. Perfected through years of development, this exceptional innovation looks simple – and it is. 

To install, drill a hole, slide the clip over the cable or conduit, and push it in! No plugs, screws, washers, cleats or nail-in clips are needed. 

Expertly designed to save time, money and lives, this remarkable evolution of a vital building component can help you make every job faster, safer, simpler and tidier!

Suitable for:

  • Round cables and PVC Trunking
  • Anchor fixings for wire etc.
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