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Link2Home Bell Chime for Video Doorbells

Link2Home Bell Chime for Video Doorbells

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  • For use with battery and mains Link2Home doorbells
  • 5V1A USB Powered
  • 4 Selectable tones
  • 20M Wireless range
  • Up to 120dB with selectable volume

Simply plug this chime into a USB power supply and connect it to your Link2Home doorbell via Wi-Fi through the app. If you are home and don't have your phone on you, you are still able to hear if somebody is at the door. 

The discrete design means it will fit anywhere in the home and not be a nuisance. With a 120dB alert and 4 chimes you are sure to never miss the door. You can select the volume from within the app if it is too loud or too quiet. 

A 20M range means it should go anywhere in the house and stay connected to your doorbell. 

Simple to set up with only two presses of a button required. Instructions are included.


  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Mobile or table twith iOS 8 or later, Android 4.1 or later
  • Free Link2Home Pro account

L2H-BellChime Link2Home Bell Chime for Video Doorbells

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